Francesco Bressani

The First Italian Jesuit in North America

By Frank Spezzano


6 May 1612 in Rome, Italy
9 September 1672 in Florence
Jesuit missionary priest arrived to convert the natives of New France to the Christian faith.
Fr. Bressani is the author of an important map entitled Novae Franciae Accurata Delineatio published in 1657 which is the earliest representation of the native life in New France in existence. He published  in THE JESUIT RELATIONS, a book titled BREVE RELATIONE in 1653 in Italian which contains details of his life in the missions of New France.

Interesting book topics:

Theatre - first professional production staged in 1994 by Efeste Productions in Toronto, Canada.

Drama - a compelling story of how he was able to overcome the difficulties of the mission, the tortures and his perils in the New World.

Religion - clash of cultures between North American Natives and Christian ideology impacting the lives of the Aboriginals.

- the story of an astonishing Jesuit missionary who’s courage and faith in God allowed him to resist the obstacles to proclaiming the Gospel.

History of North American - Fr. Bressani is responsible for having made: The first maps of Canada, 1653, recorded scientific and astronomical data investigations about the movement of the stars and the fauna and set the first record of a lunar eclipse in Quebec.

Native People & Rituals - the native people of North America practiced rituals of torture and to counter the foreign spirits to submit to theirs.

Music - native dance, chants and drumming together with Christian hymns are included in the play to complement the drama.

- aspects of the folklore of the settlers is expressed in the play.

Italian - closely related to the Catholic faith, the Company of Jesus, started by Ignatius Loyola "For the Greater Glory of God."

This Historical drama about the First Italian Jesuit in North America, is a book which will spur your curiosity, incite your imagination and accelerate your emotions taking you into the heart of darkness.

You will discover how Fr. Bressani, a Jesuit of Italian origin dwelled among the native people of North America and experienced the way of the Lord.



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